Effective June 30, 2020: Per the Second Amended Stay Safe Jackson Executive Order, individuals in the City of Jackson are required to wear a face covering in public. Business owners must require all parties (employees, patrons, etc.) to wear a face covering. Businesses found in violation will be shutdown for 24-hours and must submit an Attestation of Compliance with the City of Jackson before reopening. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, call our Hotline at 601-586-3067 and fill out the Symptom Collector. If you are in need of mental health support during this time, call our Mental Health Warmline at 601-586-3073. 

Administrative Support Division

The Administrative Support Division provides administrative and logistical support to all divisions within Jackson Police Department. The division is responsible for overseeing and administering the department’s Accreditation Standards and Procedures. The Administrative Services Division is also responsible for overseeing the recruiting/hiring of sworn and civilian staff.

The Administrative Support Division consists of the following units and services:

The Crime Prevention unit serves the public by providing timely crime prevention and safety educational information. The unit also works to distinguish problems within critical areas, as well as works within the community to solve these problems. The goal is to deter crime and enhance the quality of life in our city by educating the public on crime issues and their prevention.

The Identification Unit (ID) provides crime scene processing including fingerprints and photographs. The ID Unit codes and matches fingerprint evidence as well as fingerprinting applicants for employment and various other permits. The ID unit also conducts backgrounds and maintains the criminal records on persons arrested by the Department.

The License and Permit Unit is responsible for issuing permits and licenses to adult entertainment business owners and employees, taxi drivers, beer selling providers, and bail bonding companies. It is our ultimate goal to continue providing professional and courteous services to all clientele.

The Jackson Police Department Personnel unit handles all personnel matters for the sworn, non-sworn and civilian staff.  JPD Personnel is also involved in processing new employees and assisting in the out-processing of retirees or personnel leaving the department.

Records Unit is the central repository of incident/offense, traffic accident and related reports; transmits information on wanted persons, stolen items and crimes to NCIC (National Crime Information Center).

Tele-Serve is staffed by sworn personnel who assist the public by writing offense and supplemental reports at Police Headquarters.

The Animal Control Unit enforces the Federal, State and Local (City) Ordinances that pertain to Animals and Livestock within the City limits of Jackson, Mississippi.  The Animal Control Unit is responsible for protecting, capturing, caring and rescuing for abused animals.  The unit conducts investigations of animal abuse claims and animal attack incidents by gathering evidence, and interviewing animal owners and witnesses. The Animal Control Unit was formed to hold all irresponsible pet owners accountable, while providing humane treatment and care for the animal until a suitable disposition is reached. The shelter also facilitates an adoption process to place homeless pets into a loving home. For more information on adoption, contact the shelter at 601.960.1771.

Court Bailiffs ensure a safe, efficient courtroom environment for city judges and citizens while maintaining order and enforcing courtroom etiquette.

The Evidence & Recovered Property Unit stores evidence and recovered property for safekeeping. Evidence custodians are responsible for retrieving, securing, and storing property.  The unit is responsible for ensuring that the proper chain-of-custody is maintained in the event the evidence is needed for court proceedings.  Additionally, the Unit disposes of narcotics, illegal and unclaimed weapons, and other property.  The unit attempts to return recovered property to the rightful owner.

The Impound Lot personnel is responsible for the inventory and releases of impounded vehicles in the possession of the Jackson Police Department.

911 Public Safety Communications operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It serves as the emergency dispatch center for the Jackson Police Department and Jackson Fire Department. The 911 Communications Center receives, classifies and prioritizes calls from the public and dispatches the calls that require police response; transfers and/or directs calls that do not require police response to the proper agency/unit; performs stolen checks on items, wanted/missing checks on persons and hit confirmations from entering agencies; processes requests and/or subpoenas for 911 tapes and Computer Aided Dispatch System (CADS) printouts for citizen and law enforcement personnel; and completes NCIC forms on missing persons and stolen autos, weapons or other property.

Call 9-1-1 for life-threatening emergencies ONLY.  Call the non-emergency number, 601-960-1234 for all other requests.

The Neighborhood Enhancement Unit was established with a labor force made-up of defendants ordered by the Municipal Court to perform community service. The defendants clean-up materials that create unsafe, unsightly, and unsanitary conditions. In addition to cleaning and beautifying the City, the officers assigned to this Unit enforce the laws and ordinances regarding illegal dumping and littering. This Unit provides assistance and resources that enrich and enhance the environmental characteristics of the City of Jackson.

The Warrant unit serve and execute felony and misdemeanor active warrants with the Jackson Police Department.

The Community Services unit (CSD) includes subunits that are directly responsible for coordinating and facilitating Community Oriented Policing principles to the community.

The Evidence & Property unit keeps, maintains and organizes all department owned, seized or recovered property. The unit responsibilities include: storage and proper disposition of evidence, contraband and property turned in by sworn personnel of the Jackson Police Department.

The Supply unit is responsible for inventory, issuing and accounting of supplies and city-issued equipment of personnel. Supply also equips and process sworn personnel duty uniform and equipment requests as well as building maintenance.

Administrative Support Contact Information

Accreditation & Backgrounds601-960-1264 / 601-960-0243
Crime Prevention601-960-2049
License & Permit601-960-1375 / 601-960-1342
JPD Personnel601-960-1200 / 601-960-1958
Records Management Unit601-960-1341 / 601-960-1342
Tele-Serve601-960-0295 / 601-960-0267
Adult Holding Facility601-960-1279
Animal Control601-960-1771
Court Bailiffs601-960-0978 / 601-960-1315
Evidence & Property601-960-1311 / 601-960-1312
Impound Lot601-960-0671 / 601-960-1383
Public Safety Communications601-960-1234
Neighborhood Enhancement601-960-0671 / 601-960-1383
Community Relations601-960-1389
Crisis Intervention601-960-1433 / 601-960-1434
Evidence & Property601-960-1348
Training Academy601-960-1378
Civil Disturbance Team601-960-1378
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