Administration Department Contact List

Sid Holston Manager - Telecommunications Division 601-960-1253 Email
Sheila Williams-Sheriff Manager - Office of Publications 601-960-1065 Email
Eugene Watt Systems Manager - Geographic Information System (GIS) 601-960-1853 Email
Maxine Rayford PC Support Manager - PC Support 601-960-1446 Email
Rick Blakeney Database Manager - Database Manager 601-960-2387 Email
Oliver Hines Systems Manager - Networking Administration 601-960-1693 Email
Felicia Young Finance Manager - Treasury Division 601-960-2005 Email
Chiquita Jimerson Court Administrator - Municipal Court 601-960-2062 Email
Jillian Caldwell Finance Manager - Financial Reporting 601-960-2422 Email
Jerome Cooper Asst. Finance Manager - Budget 691-960-1150 Email
Clora Mitchell Fiscal Officer - Dept. of Administration 601-960-1647 Email
LaaWanda Jones Horton Director - Dept. of Administration 601-960-2209 Email
Sylvia Peavie Executive Office Coordinator - Dept. of Administration 601-960-1005 Email
Fredrick Wilson Deputy Director - Dept. of Administration 601-960-1395 Email
Sharon Thames Deputy Director - Dept. of Administration 601-960-1097 Email
Frederick Wilson Deputy Director, Information Systems 601-960-1395 Email
Louquita Martin Fiscal Officer 601-960-1993 Email
Dr. Robert Blaine Chief Administrative Officer 601-960-2313 Email
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