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How do I contact the sewer division?
The Sewer Division can be contacted by calling (601) 960-1875.

Jackson Area Water and Wastewater Systems

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1. How do I contact the sewer division?
2. How do I report meter tampering?
3. How do I terminate my water, sewer and sanitation services?
4. Can I make a payment online?
5. What is the property owner's responsibility in regards to a sewer back up?
6. My services were interrupted. How do I get my services reconnected?
7. Can you bill my deposit for new service on a later statement?
8. How long will it be before services are connected?
9. Does somebody have to be home when servicemen come to turn on services?
10. Do I have to come into the office to apply for service or can this be done online?
11. I am moving within the City of Jackson. Do I terminate services?