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Personnel Management
Denise McKay, Director

C.  Denise McKay, rejoined the City of Jackson in May 2014 as the Interim Director of Personnel Management.  She has more than 23 years of human resources experience.  As the City’s Interim Director of Personnel Management, she oversees services provided to city departments including: recruitment, selection, and hiring; classification and compensation: employee benefits; employee relations;   training; and employee performance management.

Ms. McKay previously served as Interim Director and Deputy Director of Personnel Management for the City of Jackson and Assistant Director of Human Resources at Jackson State University.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Jackson State University and is a native of Jackson, MS.

oya Martin, Deputy Director

The Deputy Director of Personnel Management is an appointed position by the Mayor.  The Deputy Director manages and directs a variety of personnel activities and operations including classification, compensation, benefits administration, recruitment and selection with departments, divisions and other outside agencies; also provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Personnel Management Director. 


Toya Martin serves as the Deputy Director of Personnel Management.  Ms. Martin is a graduate of Jackson State University where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Business Management , and later a Master of Public Policy and Administration in Personnel Management. 

Ms. Martin has worked with Virginia College, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Trustmark Bank and Mississippi Department of Human Services where she served as the Director of Administration for Oakley Training School.  Her responsibilities required her to work with elected officials on a state and local level.  Ms. Martin has extensive administrative experience in the public and private sector, having worked over 10 years in Management. 

About Personnel Management
The City of Jackson's Department of Personnel Management provides a comprehensive program of principal support for city departments, employees, and the public in planning, coordinating, and implementing human resources policies and practices, based on fairness and equality.

The City of Jackson retains the right to exercise customary managerial functions including the rights to assign, supervise and discipline and dismiss employees; to determine and change work shifts and work days; to transfer employees within their work unit or into other work units and other classifications; to determine and change the size of and qualifications of the work-force; to establish, change, and abolish its policies, practices, rules, and regulations; to determine and change operating methods; to contract and subcontract; to assign duties to employees in accordance with the needs and requirements determined by the City of Jackson; and to carry out all ordinary administrative functions.

Affirmative Action
The City of Jackson recognizes that its commitment to equal employment opportunity entails the responsibility to ensure that every reasonable effort is made to obtain a representation of diverse groups, women and persons with disabilities among city employees by taking affirmative action to increase the representation of diverse groups, women, and persons with disabilities in the city work force as appropriate.

Equal Employment Opportunity
It is the policy of the City of Jackson to employ, retain, promote, terminate, and otherwise treat all employees and job applicants based on merit, qualifications, and competence. This policy shall be applied without regard to any individual’s gender, race, color, ancestry, religious creed, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, age, marital status, and disability, so long as bona-fide occupational qualifications are met.

Denise Mckay

Toya Martin
Deputy Director

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Jackson, MS 39209

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