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Food Service Establishment (FSE) Requirements
Requirements for New Food Service Establishments (FSEs)
All new FSEs, existing FSEs undergoing a remodel, or existing FSEs undergoing a change of ownership within Jackson’s wastewater service area will be required to install approved grease control equipment and to ensure that the equipment is properly operated and maintained.

Click here to obtain a FOG Control Plan application form which must be submitted to the Public Works Department for approval. We will assist in determining the type and size grease control equipment required for your facility. There is a $200.00 one time fee for the FOG Control Permit and $150.00 fee for the annual inspection.

Requirements for Existing Food Service Establishments (FSEs)
All existing FSEs inside Jackson’s wastewater service area are expected to conduct their operations in such a manner that fats, oils and grease (FOG) are captured on the FSE premises. The FSE must also properly dispose of the FOG collected.

All existing FSEs will be inspected periodically on an as-needed basis to ensure that the facility is complying with the intent of Jackson’s FOG Control Program. Each facility's grease control practices and the adequacy of their grease control equipment will be assessed.

Existing FSEs are not required to install new grease control devices unless they are causing or contributing to a grease problem in the sewer, as determined by the Department of Public Works

Food trucks must also properly manage FOG. For food truck requirements click here.


Requirements for All Food Service Establishments (New and Existing)
All FSEs, new and existing, are required to provide employee training in kitchen Best Management Practices and to properly maintain their grease control equipment. Training and Maintenance records will be reviewed during the periodic inspections.

  • Grease interceptor tanks and grease traps must be cleaned on a regular basis and as often as necessary to prevent grease carryover to the sewer.

  • Click here to download the FSE Manager training form, the FSE Employee Training Record, and the Grease Control Device Maintenance Record.