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Procurement Opportunities

Welcome and thank you for your interest in procurement opportunities with the City of Jackson, Transit Services Division. This site is intended for current and prospective vendors who wish to do business with the City of Jackson, Transit Services Division. This page also provides information on City of Jackson contracting and procurement opportunities.

The City of Jackson Transit Services Division develops and issues solicitations for all goods, inventory items, consultant and professional services, and public works (construction) projects. The City of Jackson Transit Services Division staff strive to deliver quality service in accordance with the City of Jackson and the City of Jackson Transit Services Division procurement policies and procedures, as well as meeting all State and Federal regulations and be responsive to the needs of our customers whether they are internal or external.

The City of Jackson is actively seeking qualified small and minority-owned businesses to participate in the City’s contracting opportunities. 
Click here for details on the City’s Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) program.

The City of Jackson receives Federal grants to fund part of its operations, therefore, most of its purchasing is subject to Federal Transit Administration (FTA) regulations. These procurement regulations, as well as many other rules, are contained in the current version of the FTA Master Agreement for Grantees that can be viewed at here. The FTA also publishes a Circular (FTA C 4220.1F) that summarizes only the procurement rules contained in the Master Agreement.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files and can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Please Note: Vendors must have a valid purchase order number or a fully signed agreement with the City of Jackson for materials, supplies, equipment or services, as applicable, before delivering such materials, supplies and equipment to the City of Jackson or performing such services for the City of Jackson. Materials, supplies and equipment delivered or services performed without a purchase order number or a fully signed agreement will not be accepted or paid by the City of Jackson.

If you are interested in doing business with National Express, please contact their Project Manager at (601) 326-5405 or email.

Click here for procurement opportunities with the City of Jackson. All proposals and/or bid documents are due per the instructions inside the procurement documents.

Click here to be a vendor with the City of Jackson.

Surplus Equipment
The City of Jackson has surplus items available for purchase. Please contact the Purchasing Division for details on purchasing various surplus property. All proceeds are used to fund public transportation services in the City of Jackson. The City of Jackson sells various surplus items that are no longer needed for the transit system. We recommend that prospective buyers make on-site inspections prior to the finalization of a sale.  Call (601) 960-1533 or email  for more details.

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

The City of Jackson is committed to the promotion and participation of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBEs) in its contracting opportunities in compliance with 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 26 requirements. It is City of Jackson policy to require nondiscrimination based on color, race, sex or national origin in the competition for, award of, and administration of U.S. Department of Transportation-assisted contracts. It is the goal of the City of Jackson to promote a "level playing field" on which DBEs can compete fully and fairly for City of Jackson contracting and subcontracting opportunities.

The Associate Planner in the City of Jackson, Department of Planning and Development, Transit Services Division is responsible for agency adherence to the DBE program and policy. The Associate Planner is the designated DBE Liaison Officer (DBELO) responsible for the development and implementation of City’s DBE program as a supporting tenet of the City of Jackson civil rights and nondiscrimination programs.

The City of Jackson encourages qualified women and/or minority-owned small businesses to consider completing the application and review process required for certification as a DBE. Information on the certification process and its requirements may be obtained from the Mississippi Department of Transportation Civil Rights/DBE website.

Bidders for City of Jackson contracts are also encouraged to utilize the Mississippi Unified Certification Program (MUCP) database located 
here which can help identify ready, willing and able DBE firms who may be able to participate as subcontractors in City's bidding process. Click here for details on firms certified with the City of Jackson Equal Business Opportunity Division. The level of participation by qualified DBEs in the City's contracting will be expressed in bid documents as the DBE Availability Advisory Percentage, where applicable. This is intended not as a condition of award but as an estimate by the City of Jackson of the potential for participation by DBEs in the contract. The details of this advisory estimate are found in the bid documents publicizing new contracting opportunities.

Download City of Jackson Transit Services Division DBE Plan

Protest Procedures

The City of Jackson is committed to the fair procurement of all goods, services and materials in accordance with Federal regulations. Should a vendor feel that a procurement opportunity was not conducted fairly, please review the attached protest procedures. Detailed protest requirements are shown in each bid document listed under current contract opportunities listed above.

Download City of Jackson Transit Services Division Protest Procedure