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The Planets
 An exciting tour of the Solar System that looks at each planet as well as Solar System formation and extra-solar planets. It is narrated by Kate Mulgrew “Captain Janeway” on Star Trek: Voyager.

Monday-Friday 12:00
Saturday 4:00


The Case of the Disappearing Planet
Explore the solar system with Skye Watcher and discover what happened to the ex-planet, Pluto, as she tracks down clues that stretch back hundreds of years.

Saturday 1:00

Solar System Adventure
This program allows students to become mission specialists while their spaceship takes them on an adventure past the sun, moon and planets of our Solar System. 

Monday-Saturday 2:00

Space Storm
Investigate what happens in space as the Sun hurls matter and energy towards Earth that produce a wide range of effects from aurora to power blackouts.

 Saturday 3:00

Ticket Prices:  $5.50 Adults;  $4.50 Seniors ; $3.00 Children
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