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JATRAN Bus Stop Signs

JATRAN will start installing its new bus stop signs Wednesday, January 22, 2014, on route by route bases.  The new signage is consistent with the current color scheme, larger in size (21”x15”) with bus route numbers and includes Jatran’s customer service number.

The plan is to replace the old signs on each route in three (3) phases.  The installation of the signs will be in order of ridership and service needs.   Routes in the first phase require immediate attention due to safety concerns and location of signage that is currently on the routes.  Listed below are the routes by phase:

Phase I:           Route 1-North State Street
                        Route 7 - Terry Road/Raymond Road
                        Route 9 - Metrocenter/Walmart

Phase II:          Route 4B - Belhaven/Lakeland Drive

                        Route 12 - County Line Road/Tougaloo College
                        Route 8 – MLK/Presidential Hills

 Phase III:        Route 4R – Robinson Road/Walmart
                        Route2 - Capitol Street
                        Route 5 - Jackson Medical Mall
                        Route 6/3 – Lake Hico            

Marketing Director
Melissa M. Dean
Ph: 601-326-5411