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Site Plan Review

Site Plan Review is a review process that is used to:

  • Ensure compliance with City zoning and other ordinances on large scale and other projects
  • Expedite procedures necessary for the obtaining of building permits
  • Provide the developer with a central review of a development proposal
  • Conserve the time and efforts of City employees in the various departments, and
  • Provide for a speedy processing of applications for building permits on large scale and other projects.

Site Plan Review Committee
The City’s Site Plan Review Committee has the responsibility to review certain site plans, all as determined by the Zoning Ordinance. The Site Plan Review Committee is chaired by the Planning Director, or his designee, and consists of one representative, from each of the following City Departments and/or divisions:

1.  Building and Permit Division

2.    Engineering, Drainage
3.    Engineering, Traffic
4.   Fire Department
5.     Flood Ordinance Administrator
6.     Legal Department
7.     Landscape Ordinance Administrator
8.     Police Department
9.     Signs and License Division
10. Storm Water
11.  Water/Sewer Utilities
12.  Zoning Administration

Other representatives such as those from the County Health Department, the U. S. Postal Service, Jackson Public Schools, and from any utility provider that may be affected by proposed development within the City may be invited on a case-by-case basis to be a part of the review process.

Projects that Require Site Plan Review
Per Section 1203- A of the Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan Review shall be required for the following:

1.  Adult entertainment establishments
2.  All Uses requiring a Use Permit
3.  All development to be located within C-4, Central Business District; UV, Urban Village District; UTC, Urban Town Center District; NMU-1, Neighborhood Mixed Use, Pedestrian Oriented; CMU-1, Community Mixed Use, Pedestrian Oriented; High Street Overlay District; Fondren/North State St. Overlay District; and Zoo/West Capital Street Overlay District.
4.  Banks with drive-through windows
5.  Convenience Type Grocery Stores
6.  Dairying and animal husbandry on sites of not less than one (1) acre
7.  Demolitions and redevelopment within C-1A Districts
8.  Developments of five (5) acres or more
9.  Fast food restaurants with drive-through windows
10.  Modular Commercial Buildings
11.  Multi-family development including condominiums
12.  Other special cases and projects that may be brought to the Committee's attention by the City Council, the Planning Director, Zoning Administrator, or Planning Board
13.  Planned Unit Developments
14.  Private Kennels
15.  Private Stables
16.  Produce Stands
17.  Public utilities facilities and structures required to provide essential public services
18.  Residential subdivisions or re-subdivisions of property
19.  Restaurants, nightclubs, Commercial Communications Towers
20.  Service Stations
21.  Structures in excess of forty-five (45) feet in height
22.  Substantial remodeling or additions that affect existing off-street parking, change the land use of the building(s) involved, or increase the square footage of existing non-residential structures fifteen (15) percent or more
23.  Any “action” as defined under 706.11-B within the Corridor 80 (C80) District