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Transit advertising is an innovative way to advertise your business.  The impact of a bus advertisement is immense.  The “Large than Life” approach is a great way to attract an existing audience or a new one!  The reason why transit advertising is so effective is because it moves!  Moving outdoor advertisements have more an impact than the average static billboard.  At the street level, advertisements are not cluttered, creating high recall rates than traditional advertising.

Promoting your business on the side of a bus is very successful because not only are the riders who board the bus viewing your ad, but it’s visible for all passer byers to see.  Transit bus advertisement is not just a strong option to get your message across, it’s the only option when you want to create top of mind awareness at a cost-effective price.

Advertising with JATRAN offers daily extensive exposure, target market capabilities, and high levels of reach and frequency to the public.  JATRAN has several options of advertising available space on its 41 vehicles, which consist of interior, exterior and full bus wraps.  Also, JATRAN provides advertisement space on its benches and shelters throughout the City.

Marketing Director
Melissa M. Dean
Ph: 601-326-5411
Fax: 601-948-5726