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Support Services

Support Services

Deputy Chief Sandra Stasher: 601-960-1950

The Technical Services Division is dedicated to providing quality professional assistance to law enforcement officers and detectives in the performance of their duties.  We are public servants to those that live, work, visit, and do business in and with the City of Jackson with an attitude of cooperation.  The Technical Services Division consists of the following units and services:

Crime Analysis Unit


Crime Analysis is responsible for the coding of offense and supplementary reports to meet the U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) standard.  They also prepare criminal statistical reports.

They assist in the day-to-day operations of the office which include but are not limited to: answer incoming calls, assist officers, detectives, command staff, other law enforcement agencies, and the public.

Court Bailiffs


Court Bailiffs ensure a safe, efficient courtroom environment for city judges and citizens while maintaining order and enforcing courtroom etiquette.

Evidence and Recovered Property Unit


The Evidence & Recovered Property Unit stores evidence and recovered property for safekeeping. Evidence custodians are responsible for retrieving, securing, and storing property.  The unit is responsible for ensuring that the proper chain-of-custody is maintained in the event the evidence is needed for court proceedings.  Additionally, the Unit disposes of narcotics, illegal and unclaimed weapons, and other property.  The unit attempts to return recovered property to the rightful owner.

Forensic Crime Lab

Jacqueline Gardner, Director
601-960-1285 | 601-960-1227

The Forensic Crime Laboratory is responsible for performing scientific testing on physical evidence submitted by law enforcement officers to determine its value in criminal investigations.

Incident Report Unit


The Incident Report Unit is staffed by sworn personnel who assist the public by writing offense and supplemental reports at Police Headquarters.

License and Permit Unit

Robert West: 601-960-1375
Corporal Charles Banks: 601-960-1940

The License and Permit Unit is responsible for issuing permits and licenses to adult entertainment business owners and employees, taxi drivers, beer selling providers, and bail bonding companies. It is our ultimate goal to continue providing professional and courteous services to all clientele.

This Unit is also responsible for:

-    Maintaining financial records on all entities for which it collects fees.
-    Enforcing the city ordinances for all service providers and entities that we service.
-    Making routine inspections on all qualifying entities. 
-    A
ssisting businesses and clients with interpretation of city ordinances and maintenance procedures.
Providing our Vice & Narcotics Unit with vital information in order to conduct special operations.
Arresting violators.



The Museum displays the Jackson Police Department's creative achievements, valued history and pride.  The Museum is the home of a variety of paraphernalia and memorabilia.

Neighborhood Enhancement Unit


This Unit was established with a labor force made-up of defendants ordered by the Municipal Court to perform community service. The defendants clean-up materials that create unsafe, unsightly, and unsanitary conditions. In addition to cleaning and beautifying the City, the officers assigned to this Unit enforce the laws and ordinances regarding illegal dumping and littering. This Unit provides assistance and resources that enrich and enhance the environmental characteristics of the City of Jackson.