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Residential Recycling Collection

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So, why is recycling important?
  • Saves taxpayer’s dollars
  • Saves landfill space
  • Reduces pollution
  • Preserves and conserves natural resources
  • Prevents water supply contamination from hazardous waste runoff
  • Recycling transforms old products into new, reusable items

What can I recycle?

Jackson is a single-stream program - all recyclable materials together in your recycling container. No sorting or separation!

Newspaper, office paper, junk mail, magazines and phone books
Plastic: Bottles (#1 – 7 plastic), milk jugs, water bottles and soda bottles
Cans:   Aluminum, steel and soda cans
Cardboard: Corrugated

Items, such as hazardous waste can be recycled but cannot be placed in the container. These items can be brought to our drop-off center (see information below).

Recycling Instructions
First, come to the Solid Waste Division at 200 South President Street, Suite 504 to receive up to two 18-gallon bins.

  • Check your Recycling Collection Schedule. Collection occurs every other week. Waste Management, the City's waste hauler, does not collect recyclables on Saturdays. Look up your street from this link Find your Street. A route will be provided. Choose from the routes below to find when your recyclables will be collected.   

Recycling Schedule 2018 - 2019

  1. F1 - Route Schedule 
  2. H1 - Route Schedule 
  3. H2 - Route Schedule 
  4. M1 - Route Schedule
  5. M2 - Route Schedule 
  6. T1 - Route Schedule  
  7. T2 - Route Schedule 
  8. W1 - Route Schedule 
  9. W2 - Route Schedule

  • Make sure items are clean and dry
  • Rinse food residue
  • Please DO NOT put recyclables in plastic bags—place items directly in your container!
  • DO NOT put glass, food, yard waste, chemicals or garbage in your recycling bin
  • Be sure plastics have chasing arrow symbol, for example    Reycling Symbol
  • Break down boxes to save space in your container!
  • Set your recycling container at the curb before 7:00 a.m.
  • Recycling containers and garbage containers should be at least 3 feet apart so collection operators can identify them.

Thank you for joining the City of Jackson’s Recycling Team!