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About Our Curriculum
At Virden, Westside, and Jones Childhood Development Centers, we base our curriculum on the theory that children will use every aspect of their senses and bodies to learn about the world in which they live. Teachers understand that each child is born with an incredible amount of curiosity and a unique style of learning.

Pre-School Age
For our pre-schoolers, our main units are based on a letter of the alphabet and then broken down into smaller units daily, such as ducks or doctors for the letter "D." The consonant sound is reinforced throughout the week with rhymes, stories, and pictures. The majority of the weekly activities are centered around words that begin with the letter of the week. Teachers use books, art, music, outside visitors, and other related activities involving small and large muscle groups to teach our children about topics.

The older preschoolers enjoy a rotation of language, phonic, math and science/social studies during structured time. Classes are divided into smaller groups during this hour. Groups are based on maturity level and readiness.

Toddlers & Infants
Our infants and young toddlers also have a fun day to look forward to. We maintain a low teacher to child ratio to ensure maximum individual attention throughout the day. Although their schedule is not as structured as the preschoolers, our toddlers and infants enjoy developmental activities during their day. Language activities are centered around flashcards.

Our young two's enjoy stories and music time, flannel board stories, song or puppet shows, and finger plays. Their morning routine is followed by a half-hour period of free choice activities within the classroom.

Our afternoon is welcomed with daily music activities and outside playground time. There is also an enrichment activity for each group (a book, song, fingerplay, arts/crafts) that coordinates with the letter of the day. Each class closes the day with "circle time," reviewing the day's activities and events and what to expect tomorrow.

We offer a balance of structured educational programs and free choice play activities, giving children the foundation they need to succeed in kindergarten. Reading readiness is a high priority for our children.