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Ad Hoc Committees
The Mayor's Ad Hoc Committees
The mayor has created several committees, which are intended to help him reach his goals and complete his agenda. These committees are comprised of private citizens who volunteer their services to the mayor for a specific project. Each committee reflects the make up of the City of Jackson and continues as long as it is necessary to reach the objective. Any citizen who is interested in public service and wants to serve on the committees below should contact the Mayor's Office.

Disability Advisory Committee
Meeting Details
The committee meets quarterly with the Mayor's Office

Member Details
This Committee is comprised of six citizens from the disabled community

The mayor's Disability Advisory Committee insures that citizens from the disabled community have representatives to voice their concerns about the City of Jackson. This committee is comprised of six citizens from the disabled community that express any concerns that have been brought to their attention and to make a contribution from the disabled community to making Jackson the "Best of the New South."

Jackson 2022 Bi-Centennial Celebration Committee

The mayor's Jackson 2022 Bi-Centennial Celebration Committee coordinates and acts as a clearinghouse for diverse activities that may be undertaken.

More Information
Presently in the city there exists a number of boards and commissions engaged in planning for specialized and specific fields. The intent of these boards and commissions are to have input from citizens who represent each ward concerning the effect departmental decisions will have on the community and the city. One of the most important duties of these divisions, authorized by the Code of Ordinances, is to engage in planning for the development of the city and its entire metropolitan area.

Under the Mayor-Council form of government, the Code of Ordinances vests the mayor with the power to appoint all members of any board, authority, and commission with confirmation by a majority of the City Council members present and voting.