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Message from the Mayor
Why 1 Percent Makes Sense
On July 1, 2013 we launched a new administration in Jackson. It was launched with a cry for “One City, One Aim, One Destiny!” Our goal is to bring our city to unprecedented levels of growth and prosperity. 

Jackson’s progress is tied directly to our ability to rebuild our roads, water, drainage and sewer systems. We need $20 million per year for roads, $500 million to replace, clean and overhaul pipes that are over 100 years old. Drainage may cost as much as $900 million and our sewer system will cost approximately $400 million over the next 17 years. Subsequently, repairing and upgrading our infrastructure will cost almost 2 BILLION dollars! 

However, this administration is committed to finding solutions to our problems. With the 1% sales tax, we will raise about $350 million for water, roads, sewer and drainage improvements. We will raise an additional $350 million through the water and sewer rate increases which were recently passed. Over the next 20 years this will provide us with at least $700 million dollars to address our much needed infrastructure revitalization. This $700 million will also provide us with the leverage we need to raise over a billion dollars in bonds and other financial assistance. 

Most importantly, we will create new jobs, housing and businesses for the people of Jackson through infrastructure revitalization which will serve as the platform to launch economic growth and development and increase sales and property tax revenues, as more Jackson citizens become prosperous homeowners. 

Let’s create substantial economic momentum by voting YES on January 14, 2014 for the 1% sales tax. Individually, this will only cost us a penny per dollar and does not apply to groceries or prescription drugs. We can no longer afford to do nothing! 

Remember, 1% makes sense! On January 14, 2014 vote YES for the 1% sales tax as an investment in Jackson’s future prosperity. Jackson is our City. We will Rise as a city... and we will Rise Together. So, let’s boldly proclaim, “One City, One Aim, One Destiny”, as we vote YES on January 14, 2014 for the 1% sales tax.