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Bridges and Drainage (601) 960-1872
The Bridges and Drainage Section is responsible for repairing and replacing catch basins, storm drain inlets, storm drain pipes, and removing debris from drainage channels to promote proper drainage flow. This section is responsible for implementing a Corrugated Pipe Replacement Program. Many of our storm drain pipes are made of corrugated metal which have begun to rust and deteriorate, and the purpose of this program is to replace those storm drain pipes to promote proper drainage. This section is also responsible for trimming and removing dead trees from the City’s right of ways, and also removing trees that have fallen into drainage channels. During adverse weather, Bridges and Drainage is also responsible for removing fallen trees from City streets and responding to areas that are experiencing flooding issues. Bridges and Drainage is also responsible for administering the Street Sweeping Program and Herbicide Spraying Program.

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