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How Do I?
Report Crimes
Call 601-355-TIPS (8447) to submit an anonymous tip over the telephone.

Special Victims Unit
If you have been sexually assaulted:
  • Seek medical treatment
  • Do not bathe, and preserve all physical evidence
  • Contact your local police
  • Seek a crisis intervention program (ex. Rape Crisis Hotline)

Signs of Physical Child Abuse
  • Unexplained burns, scrapes, broken bones
  • Withdrawn and distrustful behavior
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Extremely passive or aggressive behavior
  • Poor performance in school, frequent injuries always explained as accidental

Signs of Sexual Child Abuse
  • The child may become fearful
  • Have difficulty sleeping
  • Overly sexual behavior
  • Depression, suicidal
  • Sexual transmitted disease
  • Child Neglect (Medical)
  • Failure to seek medical treatment for a health problem or condition
  • Child Neglect (Physical)
  • Failure to provide the basic necessities needed for survival (ex. food, clothing, shelter, & education)

Missing Persons
To report a loved one missing:
  • Contact police the moment you realize that person is missing.
  • Provide police with the following:
    • Most recent picture
    • Last known location of missing person
    • Friends with which he/she hangs out
    • Any medical conditions
    • Location frequently visited by the missing person.

Vulnerable Adults
Signs of abuse in a care home or personal care facility:
  • Non-accidental infliction of physical pain
  • Recent diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Unexplained injuries, bruises, and broken bones
  • Lack of medical treatment
  • Food deprivation

Mississippi Department of Public Safety

Ph: 601-987-3924
Fx: 601-987-3786

Sex Crimes: Child and Vulnerable Adults

Ph: 601-960-1210

Missing and Exploited Unit


3750 I-55 North Frontage Road
Jackson, MS 39211