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Training Division
Mission Statement
The mission of the Jackson Police Department’s Division of Standards and Training is:
  • To recruit the highest qualified candidates for the Jackson Police Department
  • To provide training that will develop and engage each recruit to reach their full potential
  • To enable them to contribute to the goal of making the Jackson Police Department the epitome of law enforcement agencies
  • To provide ongoing training to all police personnel on relative issues and modern policing philosophies
  • To foster community support for the police department through outreach programs such as the Police Athletic League, Police Explorers, and Youth Citizen Police Academy
  • To serve as a support function in the Jackson Police Department’s mission of enhancing the overall quality of life for all citizens of the City of Jackson

Standards & Training
Training is essential to performance. Successful training both informs and motivates officers, resulting in a force that is confident in its enforcement abilities and involved in finding solutions to challenges. Another important outcome is improvement in cases presented for prosecution, as well as the officer’s ability to testify in court. The Standards and Training Division is invaluable, not only to the Jackson Police Department, but the entire surrounding area.

A variety of outside agencies and entities utilize the department’s firing range and classroom facility for their training needs. The FATS (Firearms Training Simulation) system, driving simulator and computer lab/classroom are three of the more notable state of the art training tools available through Standards and Training. While the PALS and Explorers program are geared toward the development of young minds, bodies and character, Standards and Training is involved in many other outreach programs sponsored by the Police Department or other segments of the City of Jackson.


Qualifications  / Requirements
  • Must be 21years of age
  • Possess a valid drivers' license
  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • No felonies or domestic violence convictions

 When applicants are scheduled for testing, written notice will be provided advising the candidate of the testing date.

Required Testing

  • Written Exam (Includes Reading, Problem Solving Assessments, General Knowledge)
  • Physical Fitness Test
  • Background Investigation
  • Psychological Test & Interview
  • Medical Assessment

Training begins with the knowledge recruits will receive at the Jackson Police Training Academy. While at the Academy, recruits will draw a full salary; recruits are required to stay at the Academy during the training process.

During the 12 (twelve) week training period a variety of subjects will be taught, including:
  • History and Principles of Law Enforcement
  • Traffic Direction and Control
  • Report Writing
  • Firearms Training
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Driver Training

Contact Information
Jackson Police Department
Training Academy
3000 Saint Charles Street
Jackson, MS 39209
For more information call 601-960-1378