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Patrol Operations

Deputy Chief James Davis


(601) 960-1808

The Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations oversees the general operations of the division. The Jackson Police Department’s Patrol Operations Division consists of four police precincts, a Quality of Life unit, D.A.R.T. unit (Direct Action Response Team), School Resource Officers, Traffic Unit- which consists of motors, police cruisers, Traffic Enforcement, Park Rangers, DUI Enforcement, Mounted Patrol, School Crossing and Animal Control.

Patrol Division is divided into two districts, which are supervised by District Commanders. District one is comprised of precincts one and two. District two consists of precincts three and four.  These precincts are permanently positioned in strategic locations throughout the city.   Most recently, Precinct two relocated to the Metro Center mall, into the old Belk Department store building.

DISTRICT ONE (P1 & P2)                                     DISTRICT TWO (P3 & P4)

District Commander, Duane Odem                          District Commander, James McGowan


(601) 960-1370                                                               (601) 960-2285


810 Cooper Road, Jackson, MS  39211

Commander Thaddeus Jones 

(601) 960-0001

Precinct 1 is located in South Jackson. The boundaries are north to I-20, east to the Pearl River, west to Clinton city limits, and south to Byram city limits.  The total population in Precinct 1 is estimated to be 70,000.  There are 10 Beats in Precinct 1.


3645 HWY 80 West, Jackson, MS  39073

Commander Jarratt Taylor


(601) 960-0002

Precinct 2 is located in West Jackson.  The boundaries are north to Fortification Street, east to the Pearl River, west to the Clinton City Limits and South to I-20.  Precinct 2 has a total of 24.6 square miles.  The population in Precinct 2 is estimated to be 64,285.  There are 13 beats in Precinct 2.


3925 West Northside Drive, Jackson, MS 39206

Commander Marco Johnson

(601) 960-0003          

Precinct 3 is located in Northwest Jackson.  The boundaries are north of Fortification Street, and the Kansas City Railroad line, west of State Street, east of Clinton city limits and south of Ridgeland city limits.  Precinct 3 covers 32.14 square miles.  The population in Precinct 3 is estimated to be 46,893.


4436 N. State Street, Suite B, Jackson, MS  39206

Commander Keith Freeman


(601) 960-0004

Precinct 4 is located in Northeast Jackson.  The boundaries are north to Ridgeland city limits, east to the Pearl River, west to the Illinois Central Railroad and south of Fortification Street.   Precinct 4 covers 22.13 miles.  The total population in Precinct 4 is estimated to be 45,406.  There are 10 Beats in Precinct 4.

D.A.R.T (Direct Action Response Team)
District One-Sergeant Tiny Harris 
District Two-Sergeant Tiny Harris

The D.A.R.T. Unit consist of uniformed patrol officers assigned to target high crime areas of the city and are also assigned to handle special events across the city.


140 Old Canton Road, Jackson, MS  39211

Lieutenant Jessie Robinson


(601) 960-1359

The Traffic Division is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing all Federal, State and Local laws that pertain to the operation of motor vehicles on the City streets, Highways and Interstates within the City limits of Jackson, Mississippi.  It is the primary mission and duty of the Traffic Division to enhance and maintain the safety of all motorist who travel within the City of Jackson.


140 Outer Circle, Jackson, MS  39209

Paul Perry, Manager


(601) 960-1774

The Animal Control Unit is tasked with enforcing the Federal, State and Local (City) Ordinances that pertain to Animals and Livestock within the City limits of Jackson, Mississippi.  Animal Control was created to hold all irresponsible pet owners accountable while providing humane treatment and care for the animal until a suitable disposition is reached.


The mission of the Quality of Life Unit is to serve the public by providing timely crime prevention and safety education information.

This division also works to provide a caring and positive image of the Police Department and distinguishes problems within critical areas and works within the community to solve these problems. The goal is to deter crime and enhance the quality of life in our city by educating the public on crime issues and their prevention.