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Detective Bureau

District One and District Two D.A.R.T. Sergeants (2).JPGDeputy Chief Tyrone Buckley
Major Investigations Division
327 East Pascagoula Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
Tel: 601-960-1890
Fax: 601-960-1642

Deputy Chief Tyrone Buckley graduated from the Jackson Police Training Academy in April 2001. In June 2010, he received his first promotion to the rank of Police Sergeant. Deputy Chief Buckley has served in Major Investigations as a Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commander until he was promoted to Deputy Chief in December 2016.

Chief Buckley is a 2000 graduate of Alcorn State University in Lorman, MS where he earned  a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. He is also a 2016 graduated from Belhaven University in Jackson, MS where he earned a Master's in Public Administration. 

Chief Buckley provides first line supervision to two Commanders, who oversee the day to day operations of; Homicide/Robbery, Auto Theft, Youth Services & Child Protections, Vice/Narcotics, Property Crimes, the Mobile Crime Lab, Special Task Forces and Accident Investigation/Reconstruction.

The mission of Major Investigations is to seek and improve the quality of life for all of its citizens within Jackson, Ms by delivering quality police services. Through extensive, in-depth training, adherence to nationally accredited polices and procedures, and the utilization of community partnerships, we strive to prevent crimes, solve problems and enforce the law.

Investigations & Cases
Major Investigations initiate proactive criminal investigations and conduct the follow-up investigation on all felony offenses reported. The primary function of Major Investigations is to ensure that cases are complete and properly prepared for prosecution. The number of cases investigated varies depending on the crime trends and the actual reporting of crimes by citizens.

Investigators within Major Investigations are assigned to various specialized sections. As a result of specialization they develop a high level of expertise in dealing with specific types of crime. Through community outreach and coordination with other agencies the bureau has been able to extend its resources and maximize its efforts.

Major Investigations
The mission of Major Investigations is to seek and improve the quality of life for all of its citizens within Jackson, MS by delivering quality police services. Major Investigations is compiled of the following specialized units:

It is through extensive and in-depth training the Jackson Police Department can effectively solve problems and enforce the law.

Deputy Chief
Public Safety Administrator
Automobile Theft
Juvenile/Child Protection /Sex Crimes
Crime Scene Unit
Crimes Against Person/Homicide/Robbery
FBI Task Force
ATF Task Force 


Deputy Chief Tyrone Buckley

(601) 960-1623

Commander Tyree Jones

(601) 960-2302

Commander  Steve McDonald

(601) 960-4541

Public Safety Administrator
Stacey O'Quinn

(601) 960-1512

Intelligence Unit

The Intelligence Unit collects information from various law enforcement sources to research, analyze and disseminate information on a “right to know” and “need to know” basis to sworn personnel. This unit also provides support to the various specialized units in Major Investigations by locating witnesses, suspects, vehicles, relatives and or addresses. This unit also drafts link charts, commodity flow charts and pen register (telephone) charts for visual purposes to aid in successful prosecution of criminal cases.

The goals of the Intelligence Unit should be to better filter and disseminate real time information to the sworn officers and to continue to provide support for the specialized units. The Intel Unit should continue to reach out to the State and Federal law enforcement agencies for the sharing and gathering of information.

Automobile Theft

Sergeant Cedric Myles

(601) 960-1641

The mission of the Auto Theft unit is to investigate all stolen vehicles, carjacked vehicles, recover stolen vehicles, including those stolen from other jurisdictions and to perform salvage yard inspections. The Auto Theft Unit is responsible to make sure all stolen vehicles are entered on NCIC (National Crime Information Center) and that all vehicles recovered are cleared. The Auto Theft Unit handles arrests of suspects and assists Uniform Patrol on all stolen auto related cases.

Youth Services/Child Protection/Sex Crimes/Missing Persons

The Youth Services / Child Protection/Sex Crimes/Missing Persons Unit will investigate crimes to include but not limited to: Child Pornography, Internet crimes against Children, Indecent Exposure, Molestation, Physical Child Abuse, Sexual Child Abuse, Rape, Sexual Assaults, Stalking, Statutory Rape and Missing Persons. This unit will work with the various agencies for support and guidance, in an attempt to investigate each case thoroughly.

Crime Scene Unit & Accident Investigations

Sergeant Eneka Smith

(601) 960-1350

The mission of the Crime Scene Unit is to respond to all types of crimes ranging from burglaries, robberies, homicides, rapes and or and suspicious packages.
The Crime Scene Unit photographs, searches, and collects evidence at the scene of a crime. Some examples of types of evidence collected are blood, DNA, fibers, instruments of crimes fingerprint evidence, fire arms, and projectiles.

The goals of the Crime Scene Unit are to respond promptly, collect all evidence, and work closely with Patrol Officers and Detectives. The unit will collect and package evidence and prepare all reports in a time frame not to delay the investigation.

Crimes Against Persons / Homicide/Robbery
Sergeant Derrick Jordan

(601) 960-1205

The mission of the Crimes Against Persons Unit is to investigate all deaths, to include homicide, suicide, natural and suspicious deaths, felony assaults, robberies and all weapon violations. Detectives are responsible for thorough investigations to include crime scene, locating / interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects. Investigators coordinate their investigations with responding uniform patrol officers, forensic specialists, any applicable law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney. Investigators are responsible for, and prepare, extensive case files for prosecution.

The goals of the Crimes Against Persons Unit are to respond promptly to crime scenes and to assist in gathering any information so each case can be investigated, a suspect can be identified and arrested. The case(s) would then be prepared promptly for Grand Jury presentation. Investigators will strive to work closely with other State and Federal Agencies for the betterment of the Department and the City of Jackson.

LGBTQ Liaison

Corporal Fredric Suttles
(601) 960-1950

To ensure that all citizens of Jackson feel respected and heard the City designates a liaison to strengthen its efforts.  The mission of the LGBTQ Liaison is to build a relationship, provide a listening ear for concerns, and help to better develop strategies for address hate crimes.  The goal is to ensure that the LGBTQ Community and the police department maintain open and trusting relationships.

Major Crimes

Ph: 601-960-1512

J.P.D. Narcotics Unit

Ph: 601-960-1202

JET Task Force
Jackson Enforcement Team

Ph: 601-362-7119

DEA Task Force
Drug Enforcement Administration

Ph: 601-965-4400

HIDTA Task Force
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

Ph: 601-933-9400