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Equal Business Opportunity

The Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) 
The mission of the Equal Business Opportunity Commission Office is to promote the inclusiveness of minority and female owned businesses within the city’s procurement process and to facilitate via race and gender neutral tools, the equitable awarding of contracts to minority and female business enterprises.

The Review Process

In accordance with the EBO Ordinance, prospective contractors, bidders or offerors must submit a complete Equal Business Opportunity Plan with their bid submission. Bids will not be awarded until the Equal Business Opportunity Officer has approved the EBO Plan or granted a waiver. The City has established participation goals for each of the following categories: Architectural/Engineering & Professional, Construction, and Goods and Non-Professional Services.

The EBO Plan should contain the following:

  • Names, addresses, and contact persons of the African-American Business Entities (AABEs), Hispanic Business Entities (HBEs), Asian Business Entities (ABEs), Native American Business Entities (NABEs) and/or Female Business Entities (FBEs) to be used in the contract
  • Type of work or service each business will perform
  • Dollar value of the work
  • Scope of the work

Contractors may employ AABEs, HBEs, ABEs, NABEs or FBEs to meet the applicable project or may meet the project goals by utilizing:

  • Subcontractors
  • MBE/FBE Suppliers
  • Joint Venture Agreements
  • Mentor-Protege Agreements

Completing the Bid Package
Once you have received your Bid Package follow the steps below to comply with the EBO Ordinance:

  • Complete the EBO Application and search the City of Jackson's Certified Minority Business Enterprise Listing online.
  • If you are not able to locate a minority on our site to use as a sub-contractor, you must provide a waiver statement on your letterhead requesting a waiver of the City of Jackson EBO goals. You must show a good faith effort by providing certified mailing where you tried to contact minorities to participate on this project.