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How can I get started with the City of Jackson's recycling program.
Please pick up an 18-gallon recycling bin and information about our recycling programs at our office at 200 South President Street, Suite 504, Jackson MS 39201. Curbside recycling collection service is provided every other week (bi-weekly) to City of Jackson residents. The City of Jackson contracts with Waste Management for recycling collection services. Recycling is collected the same day of the week as garbage collection, except it is collected every other week. You can determine which week your recycling is collected by visiting the Solid Waste home page. Then select "Residential Recycling Collection". In the "Recycling Instructions" section, choose the link "Find Your Street".

For more information, please call us at (601) 960-0000.

Solid Waste

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3. How can I get started with the City of Jackson's recycling program.
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