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General Rules
1. The Public Access studio areas, portable equipment and PEG Public Access channel programming time are available on a first- come, first- served basis to any person group, organization or institution residing or located within the jurisdictional limits of the city of Jackson as set forth by the franchise agreement between the City of Jackson and Comcast.

2. Anyone using PEG equipment must be certified to operate the equipment. Three certification classes (spring, summer and fall) will be held annually. The goral of the classes is to provide participants with thirty hours of instructional and hands-on training. Producer-candidates will be required to attend six (6) classes. During a period of six three hour mornings or evening sessions, producer candidates will be instructed in basic Media Production Theory, Studio Production, Location Production and Editing. Producer candidates will also undergo orientation regarding PEG’s programming philosophy, rules and operating procedures, and Public Access agreements. Certification will be based on the Production Supervisor‘s evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge, skill and aptitude demonstrated during the six week instruction period, followed by the candidate’s completion of required volunteer work on six PEG Public Access Productions.

3. Producers are responsible for completing their own programs. PEG staff is available to guide PEG users through tape preparation on initial productions. As the number and skill of community volunteers and interns increase, PEG Public Access Producers should have enough logistical support for their respective productions. Producers who continually require further remedial training will be asked to work with a mentor or ask a community volunteer or intern to help him/her with this extensive training. PEG Staff will direct producers to an appropriate mentor, volunteer or intern. As an alternative, staff may suggest that the producer repeat one or more certification training sessions. However, such referrals should only be made after mentor or staff options have been exhausted.

4. All programs produced using PEG equipment and facilities must be broadcast on one of the PEG channels.

5. PEG is non-commercial in nature. As such, the PEG Public Access facility may not be used for commercial purposes.

Commercial use is defined as:

• Use designed to promote the sale of merchandise, products or services, or intended to generate profit for a private company or businessperson

• Use which contains material identifying any product, service, trademark, or brand name manner related to the commercial of such a product, service, trademark, or brand name

• Any programming for which the producer, his company, or organization receives a fee from any third party. Any PEG producer found to be using PEG Public Access equipment for commercial use, or for personal use on a program or project not destined for air, will have his/her user privileges revoked.

6. Upon completion of training and/or certification, PEG Public Access Producers must sign the Public Access Agreement with the signed original to be kept on file. Community Volunteers and Interns will also be required to execute an agreement. Producers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian co-sign the agreement, indicating that the adult co-signee will be financially responsible for any equipment that is damaged or lost while in the last minor’s care.

7. Anyone who produces programming using PEG Public Access facilities and equipment retains ownership of the copyright of that programming. However, unlimited broadcast rights to any program produced using PEG Public Access equipment are automatically assigned to PEG without charge. The producer may show the program on another cable, satellite, or broadcast system if PEG has broadcast the program at least one time PRIOR TO AIRING ON OTHER STATIONS. These additional showings must not be for commercial purposes unless the producer first pays the fees listed in “ATTACHMENT 1”.

8. PEG does not make any claim other than broadcast rights to any program produced by volunteers with PEG equipment. PEG may not sell the program. Additionally, the PEG Public Access producer may not sell the program without paying for equipment and studio usage.

9. An access user may identify himself or herself as a “Community Producer” but NOT as a representative of PEG of the City of Jackson. Violation of this rule will subject the user to immediate forfeiture of all PEG Access privileges.


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