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What is a PEG crew member?
Crew members provide logistical support and assistance to PEG Public Access Producers while in production. The following persons may serve as PEG crew members:

? Certified PEG Public Access Producers
? Registered Community Volunteers committed to six (6) hours per week
? PEG Public Access Interns (College Practicum Students receiving credit for a college course
? Candidates for PEG Public Access Producer (person serving as crew members to fulfill the requirements for Producer certification)

When a community volunteer, intern, or candidate fulfils his/her commitment, establishes their technical proficiency in basic media production, and demonstrate their knowledge of PEG rules and operating procedures, he/she may be certified by the Manager and will then become eligible to produce his/her own program as a PEG Producer.


Anyone who appears before the camera as an interviewee, performer, narrator, actor, etc., is considered talent.


Guests are not Producers, crew members or talent. Visitors, prospective producers or audience members for a studio production are considered guests. Any guest who visits the studio facility with a PEG Public Access Producer is the responsibility of that producer for as long as the guest is in the facility.


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