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How do I become a certified producer?
PEG Public Access Producers are Jackson residents who have completed basic PEG training for media production. Upon successful completion of training, residents become certified to use PEG equipment and facilities. Minor residents (under the age of 18) with written parental consent may become certified to co-produce programs under the supervision of a certified adult producer who will serve as their sponsor and accept legal responsibility for the minor. Persons who currently work in commercial television or have previous training in commercial television may become certified as PEG Public Access Producers via the following steps:

1. Schedule a meeting with PEG’s Manager. Bring a sample of previous work (demo tapes, resumes, program proposals and any other supporting materials).
2. Attend an orientation meeting on PEG’s rules and procedures.
3. Serve as a crewmember on six (6) Public Access productions.

Public Access experience from another jurisdiction is not transferable.
Individuals will be notifies of exam results within 48 hours of completing their exam.
Any person who fails the exam will be required to take basic PEG training.

Residency Requirements

A “Jackson Resident” is defined herein as any person whose legal residence is within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Jackson, or any organization that is domiciled within (or maintains an office within) Jackson’s jurisdictional boundaries. PROOF OF RESIDENCY WILL BE REQUIRED PRIOR TO CERTIFICATION. To be considered a Jackson resident, the applicant must provide each of the following forms of documentation:

? Valid Driver’s License or state-issued photo ID
? Current month’s utility bill (in your name) or voter registration card
? A copy of the lease for your current residence (in your name)

Not-for-profit organizations may submit proof of residency in the form of a letter on the organization’s letterhead stating the name(s) of the person(s) authorized to represent that organization and proof of non-profit status. A current phone number must be maintained on file. An e-mail address and/or alternate phone numbers are also preferred, when available.

Certified PEG Public Access Producers and candidates for certification are required to notify PEG of any change in their address and/or phone number within (30) days of making such a change.


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