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Infrastructure Management

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1. Who do I call if I want to request for mosquito spraying or larviciding?
2. When will my street be resurfaced?
3. Who do I call if a parking meter is damaged or malfunctioning?
4. Who do I call if I receive a parking citation?
5. Who do I call to have a parking meter space(s) reserved?
6. What are the current operating hours and days of parking meters?
7. What are the current parking rates charged by the meters?
8. Who do I contact if a traffic signal is not working properly?
9. The traffic signal is not providing me with enough time to cross a street.
10. Why am I waiting at a red light when there is no cross traffic?
11. Who repairs missing or damaged street signs or traffic markings?
12. Who Do I contact if a street light is out?
13. Who do I contact to report a pothole?
14. Who is responsible for maintaining or replacing the sidewalk in front of my home/business?
15. Who do I contact to repair a utility cut once the City’s Water & Sewer Division has repaired a water or sewer line?
16. Who do I call to report a sinkhole
17. Does the City replace driveway pipes?
18. A storm drain is blocked by leaves and debris, who do I contact?
19. Who do I call to request my street to be swept?
20. Who do I call to request a drainage channel to be cleaned?
21. Who do I call if I am experiencing erosion along the drainage channel next to my property?